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I'm just a girl with an obsession with reading and a desire to work in the publishing industry.


that fireplace is amazing

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"   It has been said of the Iliad that anyone who starts reading it as history will find that it is full of fiction but, equally, anyone who starts reading it as fiction will find that it is full of history.   "
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I really want to read my book but I also want to watch 87 hours of Netflix and travel the world and and kiss someone I like and sleep for most of the day… And also I have a lot of homework

this is literally my life

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"   My grandparents were illiterate and I never expected to stand here before you in a grand hall in London as a writer being so honoured. Perhaps in consequence I do not share the pessimism of the age about the novel, [which is] one of our greatest spiritual aesthetic and intellectual traditions.   "

Australian writer Richard Flanagan, author of The Narrow Road to the Deep North, responds to winning the 2014 Man Booker Prize. 

Pair with Anaïs Nin on the future of the novel.

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